Prices and Shipping


Shipping and air deliveries are available upon request. Kitten is delivered (shipped) on the agreed date, once the full purchase price is paid.  Each our kitten is individually priced. The price is a reflection of Savannah breed standards represented in each kitten, as defined by TICA.

Please note that non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to reserve any kitten.

Secure payments can be submitted through the PayPal, Cash APP or Zelle. Upon singing a purchase agreement, we will send you an invoice and guide you through the payment process. Cash payments are also accepted from our local customers.

Hybrid Laws

We only sell kittens to states and counties where they are legal. Please consider your local laws before purchasing a savannah cat. The Hybrid Law website provides with useful information regarding the laws for each state. 

Please also check the websites of all appropriate governmental bodies regulating the ownership of a hybrid animals in your state.